Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff you might want to know...

I'm a customer - why would I want the Zenue app?

Imagine - you're off to your local pub, you get there to find you need to give your details (Government guidance for post-COVID). There's a queue to take that grimy pen which 10 people have already coughed on tonight in order to hastily scribble your contact details as fast as you can into that book used by hundreds of people. Other people can see it, you wonder where the details are going to go, how will they be disposed of, you have to talk to someone who could be serving drinks.

Or you can use Zenue - scan a Zenue badge in the venue window (a QR code) - and get on with enjoying yourself.

I'm a business - why would I want to register with Zenue?

Zenue will deal with the government registration requirements for you. Ask your customers to scan your Zenue badge (a QR code) which you can stick in the window - job done. We deal with collecting the data, we deal with GDPR, we deal with disposing of it.

Faster, more hygenic, less overhead, less queue space.

We have future plans too, with lots of ideas for additional functionality for the app. Give us a shout if you'd like to find out more.

What happens if the NHS Test and Trace Service contacts the venue I was in?

Zenue will provide contact details for all Zenue registered attendees to the NHS Test and Trace Service and/or the affected venue (for them to pass on), so that those potentially exposed to COVID-19 can be notified.

Will my data be sent to the venue I'm visiting?

At this time, no. We will not share information with the venue unless we're asked to do so by the NHS Test and Trace Service.