Zenue gets you into your venue quickly and easily. Less time in a queue, less stress for you.

Post COVID-19, venues such as pubs, bars and restaurants need to take your details when you visit. Zenue removes the repetition, the hassle and the paperwork.

Info for Customers Info for Businesses

Simple to get, simple to use

Zenue removes the faff and delays with registering with a venue

For Android and iPhones

Download the app from the app store, and provide your details just once (you don't even need to log in!)

Simple Snap

Just scan a QR code at a participating venue, and we'll look after the rest

Free to Get

The Zenue app is free for customers, and available from Apple and Android app stores


Your data is securely stored and shared only with venues you visit*

* information also shared with NHS Test and Trace if requested.

Got to your venue?
Get in with Zenue!

Our app is available for Android and iPhones! Download now to get started

Share your details quickly, easily and safely

With new government guidance following COVID-19, venues are now obliged to keep records of all customers attending their premises

Use the FREE Zenue app to record your information once, and easily and securely transfer your data - you just need to scan the QR code at a participating venue

Does your business need to register customers?

Zenue is the app to solve your problems - providing you with a list of all customers coming through your doors - attendees simply need to download the customer app and take a photo of a QR code on entry

All you need to do is register, print out your QR code and display it at your entry point.

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Everything is changing quickly right now but we're working hard to ensure you and your business are able to change quicker.
Drop us a line to see how Zenue can help in these uncertain times.